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If you are giving a presentation at Repository Fringe you may be wondering what our set up is, what presentation formats are supported etc. This post should run you through all of the details.

For All Speakers 

Our main rooms have lectern mics and our projectors take VGA inputs so please bring an adapter if you need one (we will also have several adapters to hand to try to cover most set ups).

Image of a VGA cable

We would really love to be able to either upload or link to your slides wherever this is possible. If you have any concerns or restrictions around your slides being shared please do let us know. If you have already uploaded them somewhere then just let us know the URL and we’ll happily point to it


Longer Presentations

Again slides or presentation materials of any type are fine for these sessions. Please let us know if you need a particularly unusual set up (e.g. live use of Skype, Google+ or similar; 3D videos; etc) so that we can ensure all will be well. If you can send us your presentation ahead of time we would really appreciate that.


OK, sadly we don’t have the kind of budget to furnish our speakers with special “r0iders”. We can’t provide you with a room full of freshly bathed puppies; or goldfish bowls full of only yellow peanut M&Ms; or fridges full of 8 types of obscure imported mineral waters…

Image of special M&Ms printed with the "pi" symbol

However, if there is anything that we can do to make your presenting experience that wee bit easier or more pleasant, whether more information on the set up, or some special bit of kit, or a guide to accessible routes to the venue, or whatever… just let us know!

We are really looking forward to seeing your presentations in a couple of weeks!

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